Q- What is Digital Marketing?

Ans-  Digital marketing is marketing/advertising done through digital channels.

Such channels are social media (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc), mobile apps, email, search engines (Like Google, Bing, etc), affiliates, websites, etc.

Moreover, digital marketing includes analytics, SEO, web designing, lead management, and many more.

Q- What are the courses offered in Digitalkal?

Ans- Digitalkal provides you with a complete solution for Digital Marketing Programs.

Certainly, covered complete knowledge of the particular program. Digitalkal has different Digital marketing courses based on your requirement:

  • CPDM – Certified in Professional in Digital Marketing
  • CPGA – Certified in Professional in Google Adds/PPC/SME
  • CP-SEO – Certified in Professional in SEO(CP-SEO)
  • CP-SMM – Certified in Professional in Social Media Marketing

Q- What is the duration of the Digital Marketing course?

Ans- The course duration of the Digital Marketing course is 2-3 months which include, complete 24 modules, interview preparation and certification exam preparation.

Q- What is the fee of Digital Marketing training course?

Ans- The fee of Digital Marketing training course is from Rs.10000 to Rs 50000 only.

Q-Which is the best Digital Marketing Institute for Digital Marketing Course?

Ans- Digitalkal is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India; you can check our centre’s list near you.

Q- How can I choose the best digital marketing institute for me?

Ans- First of all, It seems like you would like to do Digital Marketing Course.

Don’t get confused, let me help you to choose the right one.

You need a good learning environment, pocket-friendly fee, highly experienced and qualified trainers, good course modules, location of the institute and more.

Digitalkal is providing the same and, even more. Visit your nearest Digitalkal institute for more details.

Q- What is the eligibility for doing Digital Marketing (CPDM) course?

Ans- 10+2, Graduate, Post Graduate and Professional can do this course, but, Basic Computer Knowledge is must to do Digital Marketing Course.

Q- Could we get the placement after completion of the course from Digitalkal?

Ans- Yes, of course, after completion of the course, we will get you ready for the interviews.

We will send you to our placement partners. Even more, the companies that are repeatedly asking for digital marketers.

Q- What are the advantages to enrol in the Digital Marketing Course offered by Digitalkal?

Ans- Hands-on Training on all modules of Digital Marketing

  • Daily Assignments & Interactive Classroom Exercises
  • Most Importantly, 12+ Years of Experienced  Trainer
  • Updated Content from the USA
  • Total 20 + Centers in India
  • One year backup classes
  • 16 Certificate support includes Google Ads, Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Flexible Batch timings
  • 100% Placement record
  • Free tools worth Rs. 30,000+

Q- What are the certificates, we will get after completing the course?

Ans- Certification of Completion of Digital Marketing program from Digitalkal.

Furthermore, 15+ International Certificates can get online. Including Google, Microsoft, HubSpot and Facebook.

Q- Is Digitalkal registered with the Indian government?

Ans- Yes, Digitalkal is Central Govt. Registered Company in MSME & StartupIndia Initiative.

Q- At which locations Digitalkal is offering courses?

Ans- We have 20+ Digital Marketing Training Institutes in cities of Haryana, UP, Rajasthan,  Chandigarh, Punjab, J&K, MP, Gujarat and growing in other states of India.

Q- I am a marketing professional having experience of 5 years, how can I get the benefit of Digital
 Marketing course?

Ans- Professional with 5 years of experience in marketing can get a 30%-40% increase in their present salary. They can choose a career with their interest from the vast field of digital marketing.

Q- I am already working in the digital marketing field from last 2 years, why should I join the digital marketing course?

Ans- Hooray! You are already in the best job field, almost every company need a digital marketer.

So, you may have experience in specific areas but, in the digital marketing course, you will get complete knowledge of digital marketing thoroughly.

You can work with different digital marketing field as well as an increase in your salary can take you to another level.

Q- What are the modules covered in Digitalkal?

Ans- We has 24 modules covered in Certified in Professional in Digital Marketing (CPDM)

  • Overview of Digital Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Designing
  • Fundamentals of Video Editing
  • Advance Word Press Website Designing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Lead Management
  • AdSense Marketing
  • E-Commerce Website Creation
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-commerce Website marketing
  • Introduction to Marketplace
  • Growth Hacking
  • Online Media Buying
  • Getting Started As Freelancer
  • Google Ads & PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Inbound Marketing Solutions
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Interview & Personality Development

Q- How can a housewife get an advantage of Digital Marketing course?

Ans- After learning Digital marketing course, you can earn as a freelancer or you can start your own business.

Q- What is the future scope of digital marketing?

Ans- Firstly, each and every company need a digital marketer.

Secondly, anyone who has knowledge of digital marketing can start their own business and most importantly, digital marketing can make a company as a brand.

Q- How can I start a YouTube channel?

Ans- After taking digital marketing training, you can set up your own channel.

In our digital marketing training, you will learn how to do video editing as well as how to promote your content.

Most noteworthy, you will learn how to earn from YouTube channel.

Q- Can I start my own business after completing the Digital Marketing Course?

Ans- You can start your own business online, you can advertise your product or service online. In addition, you will be able to track the growth of your business online.

Q- What is LMS?

Ans- Full form of LMS is Learning Management System, All the course study material is available online & Every Student will get access to this study material on the cloud.

Q- What type of companies are using Digital Marketing platform?

Ans- Digital Marketing is in demand in all the sectors where they need to sell their products or services.

If they are looking for Brand Building or Promotions, Digital Marketing is the best choice for them.

So we can say, almost all type companies are using Digital Marketing.

Q- How much salary I can earn after learning Digital Marketing from Digitalkal?

Ans- A fresher can earn starting from Rs 10000-30000 and professional can get 30% to 40% growth in their present salary. DigitalKal will assist our fresher students in getting their job.

We hope, you got the answers, you are looking for related to Digital Marketing course and modules and institute.
You still have any query you can reach us at our all India Helpline  880068441.

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